BISP Online Registration By CNIC And SMS 8171 (April 2024)

BISP Online registration has been initiated. In this post, you will find comprehensive details regarding the application process, including online and offline methods, as well as mobile registration for the Ehsaas Program’s Benazir Income Support Program. BISP Online registration Additionally, you will discover that program beneficiaries can conveniently withdraw funds from HBL ATMs.

Government Decision to Transition from Ehsaas to the BISP Program

The Pakistani government has recently made a significant decision during a meeting to discontinue the Ehsaas emergency program and reintroduce the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

Considering this decision, the Ehsaas Program has temporarily halted its registration. However, new registrations for the BISP program will recommence within the next few days. BISP Online Registration Only individuals belonging to impoverished backgrounds are eligible for this program. A survey has also been launched under the Ehsaas program to distribute funds through the Benazir Income Support Program across various cities.

اس فیصلے پر غور کرتے ہوئے احساس پروگرام نے اپنی رجسٹریشن عارضی طور پر روک دی ہے۔ تاہم، BISP پروگرام کے لیے نئی رجسٹریشن اگلے چند دنوں میں دوبارہ شروع ہو جائے گی۔ BISP آن لائن رجسٹریشن صرف غریب پس منظر سے تعلق رکھنے والے افراد ہی اس پروگرام کے اہل ہیں۔ مختلف شہروں میں بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کے ذریعے فنڈز کی تقسیم کے لیے احساس پروگرام کے تحت ایک سروے بھی شروع کیا گیا ہے۔

Application Requirements for BISP Registration

To register for the BISP or 8171 Program, you will need the following:

  • Your Name
  • Family Member Information
  • Original CNIC Card
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address
  • Must Meet Poverty Criteria

Prime Minister’s Survey for Ehsaas Program

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has introduced a survey under the Ehsaas program, aiming to allocate funds to citizens through the Benazir Income Support Program. BISP Online Registration Interested individuals must submit essential documents for registration, making them eligible beneficiaries.

This initiative aims to alleviate poverty and enhance the lives of those in need in Pakistan. The Benazir Income Support Program plays a pivotal role in the government’s efforts to financially assist marginalized populations across the nation.

BISP Survey for Needy Households

A new survey has been initiated by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), with dynamic registration centers established at BISP offices. This survey aims to grant financial assistance to deserving households and is free of charge. The eligible households are encouraged to participate in this survey.

Application Process for BISP

To register for the Ehsaas Program’s Benazir Income Support Program, you can send a registration message from your mobile phone. Additionally, you can complete online registration through the official website of the program. BISP Online registration Detailed instructions are provided on the website for your convenience.

This transition from Ehsaas to BISP is intended to cater exclusively to the needs of the poorest individuals. Eligible individuals are advised to promptly register for the Ehsaas Program’s Benazir Income Support Program.

BISP Application and Verification

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is an initiative in Pakistan offering financial aid and medical treatment to eligible individuals. To apply, interested parties must fill out an application form with personal details such as name, father’s name, address, and national ID card number. Family members’ information and signatures are also required.

Successful BISP Application

To avoid issues and legal concerns, verify all information before submitting the form to BISP. Inform the program of any changes that might affect your eligibility. Filling out the form accurately ensures a smooth application process and receipt of benefits.

New Timings for Assistance Fund Distribution

Distribution timings for assistance funds to BISP beneficiaries have changed. Funds can be collected from bank payment centers between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Additionally, funds can be withdrawn at any time from biometric ATMs of respective banks.

Withdrawal Process for Ehsaas Kafalat Cash from HBL ATM

The withdrawal process is a convenient way to access funds in Pakistan. Insert your CNIC card into an ATM machine, enter your CNIC and phone numbers when prompted, and input the OTP received on your phone. Upon verification, you can withdraw funds from the ATM.

Ehsaas Kafalat Cash Withdrawal Simplified

The withdrawal process is designed to be simple and accessible. It eliminates paperwork and complex procedures, allowing quick and easy access to funds whenever needed.

BISP Complaint Number and Contact Information

For inquiries and complaints, you can contact BISP through the provided contact numbers and the official website.

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BISP Basic Information Required

Contact  Number0800-26477, 051-9246326
Address Benazir Income Support Program, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan
Registration Document RequiredCNIC, B-Forms, Mobile No, Gas/Electricity Bill, Home Rent Agreement if Available.