PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Govements New Programs (April 2024)

The Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) is a significant governmental organization in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is dedicated to enhancing the welfare of the residents of Punjab by implementing various social security programs. In this article, we will delve into the core functions and programs of the PSPA, which play a vital role in improving the living standards of the people in Punjab.

PSPA’s Main Objective

PSPA’s primary goal is to reduce poverty, inequality, and social exclusion in Pakistan. To achieve this, the organization has devised and implemented several social safety net programs. These programs are aimed at providing financial support, vocational training, healthcare, and education to underprivileged individuals and families in Punjab.

Social Safety Net Programs

PSPA’s social safety net programs include:

Empowering Women in Punjab

PSPA is dedicated to empowering women in Punjab and increasing their access to economic opportunities. By providing support to vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, PSPA aims to create a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities and a dignified standard of living.

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To ensure that social facilities reach all the backward people and families of Punjab, PSPA collaborates with various government departments, non-governmental organizations, and international partners. This collaborative approach enhances the implementation and monitoring of social security programs in the region.

Rashan Riayat Program

One of the notable initiatives undertaken by PSPA is the Rashan Riayat Program. This program addresses the critical issue of food insecurity in Punjab. It aims to provide assistance to impoverished families by offering them adequate and nutritious food. Under this program, beneficiaries are identified transparently, and nutritional assistance is provided to those living in extreme poverty.

Ehsaas Rashan Program

The Punjab government has initiated the Ehsaas Rashan Program to mitigate the effects of inflation on low-income families. Eligible families receive a monthly subsidy of 2000 rupees to purchase essential food items at discounted prices, benefiting approximately 8 million families in Punjab.

Sila-e-Fun Program

The Sila-e-Fun Program is an unconditional cash transfer program launched by PSPA to provide dignified social pensions to senior artists, writers, poets, and media persons who have served in their respective fields for more than 25 years. This program aims to improve the economic and social welfare of aging and financially weak artists in Punjab.

Foreign Funded Program

PSPA collaborates with foreign funding sources to implement various initiatives, such as the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP). This project focuses on improving human capital development in areas like education, health, and skill development, benefiting the underprivileged communities in Punjab.

Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program

The Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program addresses the support gap for elderly individuals in Punjab who rely on others for financial and physical support. This program provides a social pension to elderly citizens, helping them lead decent lives and reducing their dependence on social networks.

Nayee Zindagi Program

The Nayee Zindagi Program, exclusively for victims of acid attacks, offers medical and psychological rehabilitation, financial assistance, job training, and skin grafting to aid victims in reintegrating into society and improving their socioeconomic status.

Zewar-e-Taleem Program

The Zewar-e-Taleem Program is a conditional cash transfer initiative that supports girl students enrolled in public sector schools in low-literacy districts. Eligible girls receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 1000, which helps meet their nutritional needs and encourages school enrollment and retention.

Humqadam Program

The Humqadam Program provides unconditional cash transfers to people with disabilities (PWDs) in Punjab. This financial support aids PWDs in overcoming extreme poverty and enhancing their social inclusion and basic needs.

Project Objectives

The key objectives of these programs are to increase social inclusion, improve the livelihood of the needy, and reduce dependence on social networks.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for these programs, individuals must score 30 or lower on the Proxy Means Test (PMT) and possess a unique CNIC/B form issued by NADRA.

In conclusion, the Punjab Social Protection Authority plays a pivotal role in addressing social challenges in Punjab and promoting social welfare in Pakistan. Its array of programs and initiatives seeks to create a more equitable and prosperous society, ensuring that even the most vulnerable individuals and families in Punjab receive the support and resources they need to lead better lives.


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