8171 Pass Gov PK BISP Online Registration (April 2024)

8171 Pass Gov PK, The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has introduced a streamlined registration and eligibility verification process. It’s important to note that online registration is not available for this program; instead, registration can only be done through Benazir’s Office or the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) Survey.

For New Registrations:

If you haven’t registered for BISP and believe you are eligible, you can visit Benazir’s Office to complete your registration. Chairperson ISP Shazia Murree has announced the resumption of registrations for those who were previously disqualified.


Eligibility Check at Home:

You can conveniently check your eligibility from the comfort of your home through the newly introduced web portal at 8171. This portal not only helps you determine your eligibility but also provides access to your registration information.

Checking Balance:

To check your BISP balance, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access your mobile inbox.
  2. Enter the 13-digit car identification number.
  3. Send this message to 8171.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message from 8171 within seconds.

Ehsaas Program Update:

Considering the rising inflation, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Chairperson BISP Shazia Murree have decided to resume Ehsaas program registrations. Please note that Ehsaas program registration is not available online; it is conducted exclusively at Benazir’s office. After registration, you can use the provided web portal to check your eligibility conveniently.

8171 Pass Gov PK

Required Documents for BISP Registration:

To complete your BISP registration, ensure you have the following documents:

  1. National Identity Card
  2. Children’s Nadra Bay Farm
  3. Household electricity and gas bill
  4. Disabled Persons Disability Certificate
  5. Widows Death certificate of the husband
  6. Transgender identity card with the gender transgender
  7. Elderly and disabled persons above 60 years of age ID card

BISP Registration Check By CNIC 2023 Online:

If you’ve already registered for BISP, you can check your eligibility by sending your ID card number to 8171. A positive eligibility check will include you in the program.

About BISP:

BISP, launched in 2008 during the Bhutto era, aims to alleviate poverty. Recruitment into the program initially relied on the NSCR survey, followed by door-to-door data collection in 2011, which gathered information from approximately 9 million families. NSR representatives and NADRA then compiled a database to determine program inclusion.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Ehsaas program is designed to assist impoverished individuals and families. The eligibility criteria set by the Government of Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Monthly income should be less than 9000.
  2. No family member should be a government employee.
  3. You must have a National Identity Card.
  4. The poverty score should be less than 25%.
  5. Land ownership should not exceed two acres.
  6. You must not be enrolled in any prior aid program.
8171 Pass Gov PK

Online 8171 Webportal:

The new 8171 web portal allows you to conveniently check your eligibility by entering your ID card number and a verification code.

Ehsaas Program Update (Continued):

The Ehsaas program’s registration process has been updated to include a survey conducted through the NSER. This survey collects information about your home conditions, monthly income, and expenses to determine your eligibility. If you haven’t enrolled in the Ehsaas program, visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office for registration, and disbursements will commence at the end of September for eligible recipients.

BISP Basic Information Required

Contact  Number0800-26477, 051-9246326
Address Benazir Income Support Program, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan
Registration Document RequiredCNIC, B-Forms, Mobile No, Gas/Electricity Bill, Home Rent Agreement if Available.