Bisp New Payment 25000 Check Online (January 2023)

Bisp New Payment 25000, The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is set to roll out its new payment cycle at the end of September, targeting assistance to many women through SMS notifications on the 8171 platform. However, those who have not received notifications need not fret, as they can easily check their eligibility from the comfort of their homes.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of checking the new payments under the Benazir Income Support Program and highlight recent updates in its registration and payment methods.


Benazir Income Support Program New Update

The government of Pakistan has prioritized the swift distribution of the next installment of the Benazir Income Support Program. Adequate budget allocations have been made, and disbursements are expected to commence shortly. If you haven’t received a notification yet, don’t worry; you can still verify your eligibility.


Furthermore, the government has announced an expansion of the program, aiming to include nine million additional families, providing them with financial assistance. The registration process for these changes has also been revamped.

BISP New Payment Check Online

While many women have received payment notifications via 8171, those who haven’t need not be concerned. There are two simple methods to check your eligibility for the new installment of the Benazir Income Support Program:

Method 1 (Payment Check Online)

  • Visit the government’s designated portal.
  • Enter your 13-digit ID card number in the first field and the code from the image in the second field.
  • Click the “Know” button to receive instant information about your payment.
  • In case you’re asked to participate in a dynamic survey, refer to the procedure below.

Method 2 (BISP New Payment Through 8171)

If you encounter difficulties checking your eligibility online or are not tech-savvy, you can still verify your eligibility via your mobile phone. Here’s how:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile device.
  • Compose a new message and type your National Identity Card number.
  • Send the message to 8171.
  • You will receive a confirmation message regarding your eligibility shortly.

Benazir Income Support Program Registration

If you have not yet enrolled in the Benazir Income Support Program or have been declared ineligible, there’s no need to worry. We’ll outline two straightforward methods for you to register for the program:


Method 1 (Benazir Income Support Program Online Registration)

  • The government has introduced an online registration portal for your convenience.
  • Access the portal and provide all the requested information accurately.
  • Click the “Submit” button, and your information will be forwarded to the Benazir Income Support Program office.
  • After verification, you will receive a notification via 8171.

Method 2 (Registration Through BISP Tehsil Office)

If you face challenges registering through the portal or receive a message prompting a dynamic survey, you can complete your NSER survey through the Benazir Income Support Program office using the following steps:

  • Visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office with your valid identity card and children’s bay form.
  • Obtain a token and wait for your turn.
  • Request a representative to conduct a dynamic survey, where they will collect necessary information from you.
  • Based on this information, your eligibility status will be determined.

If found ineligible, you can update your information, especially if your financial situation has changed or you have developed a medical condition.

A few days after registration, you will receive a message regarding payment through 8171.

Required Documents For BISP 8171

Online Registration Please note that the documents required for new Benazir Income Support Program registrations have been updated. You will need the following documents:

  • Valid identity card
  • Children’s B-form
  • Family Certificate (FRC)
  • Disability certificate for disabled individuals
  • Husband’s death certificate for widows
  • Identity card reflecting transgender gender for transgender individuals

BISP Helpline Number

For any issues or complaints, you can contact the BISP Helpline. Here is the contact number

BISP Basic Information Required

Contact  Number0800-26477, 051-9246326
Address Benazir Income Support Program, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan
Registration Document RequiredCNIC, B-Forms, Mobile No, Gas/Electricity Bill, Home Rent Agreement if Available.